Online Silhouette Cutting by Charles Burns

“I’ll cut your portraits freehand with scissors, while you watch.
Each pair of silhouettes is signed by me and delivered anywhere in the world”

Charles Burns

Upcoming Dates for Silhouette Cutting

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Charles Burns: online silhouettist

Charles Burns in his studio with silhouettes on the wall
Charles Burns in his Zoom studio, with a few famous silhouettes on the wall behind

All silhouette-cutting takes place online.

I’m Charles Burns. During the last twenty years I’ve been fortunate to cut portraits of the late Queen Elizabeth (three times) President Clinton, President Mandela, and a whole host of sporting and film celebrities.

You can now book a short, private sitting to have your own silhouettes cut over Zoom. I set aside a small number of days each month for online sittings. These can be reserved at a fraction of the cost for booking me to attend an in-person event.

Each sitting costs £60 and is long enough to cut silhouettes of up to two people as a pair of classic cameo portraits, or one person as a full-length silhouette. For families and groups, just book extra sittings. Booking two or more costs just £48 for each sitting (automatic discounts apply at checkout).

At the end of the day I mount all the silhouettes onto card and sign each one. The cards come backed with a stamped certificate of authenticity. I then post your silhouettes, free of charge, anywhere in the world. For added security you can add a tracked delivery service when you schedule your sitting.

Gift Vouchers and Extra Dates

To give a sitting to a friend, without choosing a date, use my Silhouette Gift Voucher. There are always plenty of dates to choose from.

International Sittings: which date is best for me?

I get visitors from all over the world, so run Zoom dates at different times of day. Click the map to see a list of upcoming dates to suit you.

All my Zoom sittings run to London time.

Booking an online silhouette sitting

  1. Choose your favourite date, thinking about your location and which time of day works best for you
  2. Select the best time from the drop-down list of available sittings
  3. Add to cart and then add another sitting if needed (one is enough for two people)
  4. Check out to confirm the sittings and look out for an email ticket containing a Zoom link
  5. Connect on the day using Zoom and experience having your silhouettes cut out online!

I welcome suggestions for dates and times to run studio days not already listed. Particularly if there is a group of people interested.

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